Write Over the Weekend inspiration for this time

On an important day, you get stuck in a bathroom. What happens next?

They said this house was haunted.The decaying walls and scattered junk didnt bother me. It is our refuge.  I recall every last detail searching for something that would suggest anything other than the reality. But everything just made it more evident.

The very unusually fuller street. The guy who deliberately pushed a man,quarelled with him before shooting him.The scream that I cudnt control. Someone hitting a woman on the head with a stone. Some being dragged out of a house. Someone trying to buy his life with a gold chain.The maniacal slogans. Someone grabbing people one after the other and beating them unconscious ..or dead….

Someone charging towards us and our escape.

Those people looked more possesed to me then this house.


My friend cries.I know he is scared for himself,for his family. But that doesnt stop me fom getting irritated. I took to the restroom. I continue to worry, dread…hope…untill I hear footsteps and more slogans.


My friend and I frantically try to open the door. I hear men laugh. I hear my friends final scream and a loud thud.

I back away from the door as I see blood flowing in.

Do they know I am in here…Will I escape again…

Death now or nightmares from now on……

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggersby BlogAdda.



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