Ain’t Nothing Creative In Here


 Prompt by The Blog Propellant : I got plenty of nut’in and nut’ins plenty for me.

CAUTION: As the tittle suggests, this has absolutely nothing meaningful. Also, it’s completely disoriented. So, Proceed At Your Own Risk! 

Frankly speaking, I have no idea what I should be writing about.

A super-ambitious, easilyexcited, supremely irrational friend of mine believes that I am a good writer, which I don’t know how far is true.Infact, all she ever read was these four lines

My teacher wears a hat

 I don’t like to be in his class

On a completely different note

Can fishes float???

That can easily be considered as a piece of crap but good writing!…If that’s good writing then PitBull deserves the Booker’s Award.

Well, I told you she’s crazy and it was her crazy idea that I should write down something daily to stay in practice, gain high command over the english language, improve my writing skills and one fine day become the most popular/loved writer to have ever walked upon this earth since the pre-cambrian times.

Now, just may be, I could understand semi colon(;) as a punctuation mark or know the difference between a hyphen(-) and a dash(-) but me as the most loved/popular writer is like saying Lalu Prasad Yadav is a self less, kind, non-corrupt person and a non-somrasi- a joke!

I am pretty amazed that you have come so far reading this. You can always switch to another blog, you know.

Soo….what should I write about?

May be something philosophical?

-To be frank my pholosophies are as complicated as a tongue twisters. Infact, mine are head twisters.

May be about our holly/bolly celebrities?

-That’s sexy but not enough gossip might be left afterwards for the newspapers and newschannels to run their business.

How about my college life?

-Well, it’s a million times complicated as my philosophies and boring too.

I could write about my political views?

But people would most certainly prefer Rakhi Sawant’s auto biography over something that has anything to with my political views.

How about I try my hand at poems?                                                                                                    Most definetely, I will write the finest bad poems. C’mon who am I kidding! A 10year old will have a better vocabulary than me.

My last option, I can scribble some tips on how to be a writer…

 -Me giving tips on this is like Tiger Woods giving tips on how to be a loyal husband.

Why can I come with something. May be it’s my destiny to forever dwell in this darkness of utter stupidity. But you, my dear, had a choice. I warned you and suggested it too but you had to waste your time reading this. So curioser! Now that you haven’t found anything to educate or enlighten youself or as a matter of fact, even tickle your funny bone, don’t you think it’s time you moved on to a better informative or amusing blog…

Because seriously dude/dudette AIN’T NOTHING CREATIVE IN HERE….now disappear!!