Maddening Quotes

Sometimes in life you just need to realise that every sentence begining on a philosophical note won’t hold a life-altering meaning or an inspiring, important lesson at the end of it. For that matter, a caption on a serene landscape won’t too.

Because if you don’t land on the moon, you won’t fall among the stars, you are probably gonna float in empty space for eternity.

The thing is these “quotes” are only going to end up as your facebook status or as a caption on the instapics of your hairy armpits or blown-up, saliva-laden pouts( read: that lip challenge with glasses that was potentially harmful).

This is what I mean..


So the sole purpose of you doing a thing is to soothe your hurt ego…

Then, ” Drown in a well because you can. You can because you should want to, you should want to because you are an idiot”

There are other such amazing quotes. Some of them on love. But the don’t enchant me; they make me cringe and if you put them together they look like a guide perverts would give out at the entrance gates of CreepTown.







And this one, this one just makes me wonder if there is a hidden camera somewhere…




These “quotes” they stop at nothing. They talk about family. Huh!


Someone has a better chance at evaporating the oceans than understanding a family.


Well, don’t wait for a conclusion. There isn’t one(read: couldn’t come up with one). Just remember, when you feel like posting heart-felt, motivating statuses that nobody except you relates to, or pictures taken under the spotlights of your loo; there is a lonely, sad troll somewhere in the world who is gonna be annoyed.


I do not have anything against any kind of quote or the people whose quotes these are or people who use them or hairy armpits. I am just trying to be funny.

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Snapshots: The Guy, The Girl and The Knife

The following is a prompt by Niel d’Silva on the FB group For Writers, By Authors–


A woman is bound with ropes at the wrists and ankles. There is a gag in her mouth. She is in a room she has never seen before and does not know of any exits. Her captor is a man, and he is right ahead of her. How does she escape??

This is how I did it—

She kicks and wriggles; the ropes won’t loosen up. Her screams are muffled, ineffective. He watches her, silently.
A little light finds its way in to the room. He seems to be sitting on a chair; his silhouette just as dark and sinister as him. He is rotating something in his hand. The light reflects off the long blade. She freezes. She watches him, intently.

And suddenly...

 He lunges at her, the chair drops to the ground. His hold is firm on the knife, he lunges at her. The little light leaves the room; she shuts her eyes. He lunges at her.

In the next moment…

She opens her eyes and realises that it was all a dream.

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