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The fervour and anticipation for Holi is all around, and everyone is getting ready for a day full of joy and merriment. We at BlogAdda thought that we should get into the mood for Holi and add some colour in your life, so we’re giving you a creative blog writing prompt about ‘A Life Full Of Colour’.

Yeah. So, I am not at all feeling creative and  also I am being particularly lazy today. That’s why I am going to use this promptinthe most tedious, insipid and unimaginative way possible.

Colours are an important part of life. Colours effect us mostly on a very subconcious. And that is something to think about. They effecting us so subtly is the exact reason why they are important.

For instance, a blanket of grey clouds lingering over the sky. Reducing the the bright yellow sun to a blurred round spot; sunlight as pale as it can be.

That will instantly de-energize you.

Colours are important. Most of the time we are not even aware ot it’s effects. The marketing industry will vouch for it.

Red colour is popularly known to grab one’s attention. Paint your product red and that’s half the battle won.

The red pen which is commonly used by teachers to evaluate a student’s work has proved to cause negative emotions in the students whilst a green or blue  pen had no such extreme impact.

In another study, painting a baby’s nursery will make the baby cry more often.

The extent of this impact differs from situation to situation or fromperson to person and even from culture to culture.

And that is why when your boss is screaming at you, you can not flash blue colour at him, expecting him to calm down.Surely, its incredible and not to mention very hopeful, and imaginative but its also highly unlikely to happen.

When I see blue, I imagine the deep oceans, the soft music of the waves and I am immediately relaxed. Another person, may associate it with a bad cocktail and might not find it as much relaxing.

Because individual colours have random effects. It is proven, though, that when colours put in the right mix, they have a desirable and same impact on anyone in any part of the world.

Yeah, I am done with my thesis on colours.

But I wish I had done a BETTER job with this prompt. I HAVE CONFIDENCE IN ME that I could have made a better use of the prompt. I am saying so as I am trying to pass this post as a response to the daily post prompt also.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I Have Confidence in Me.”


Maddening Quotes

Sometimes in life you just need to realise that every sentence begining on a philosophical note won’t hold a life-altering meaning or an inspiring, important lesson at the end of it. For that matter, a caption on a serene landscape won’t too.

Because if you don’t land on the moon, you won’t fall among the stars, you are probably gonna float in empty space for eternity.

The thing is these “quotes” are only going to end up as your facebook status or as a caption on the instapics of your hairy armpits or blown-up, saliva-laden pouts( read: that lip challenge with glasses that was potentially harmful).

This is what I mean..


So the sole purpose of you doing a thing is to soothe your hurt ego…

Then, ” Drown in a well because you can. You can because you should want to, you should want to because you are an idiot”

There are other such amazing quotes. Some of them on love. But the don’t enchant me; they make me cringe and if you put them together they look like a guide perverts would give out at the entrance gates of CreepTown.







And this one, this one just makes me wonder if there is a hidden camera somewhere…




These “quotes” they stop at nothing. They talk about family. Huh!


Someone has a better chance at evaporating the oceans than understanding a family.


Well, don’t wait for a conclusion. There isn’t one(read: couldn’t come up with one). Just remember, when you feel like posting heart-felt, motivating statuses that nobody except you relates to, or pictures taken under the spotlights of your loo; there is a lonely, sad troll somewhere in the world who is gonna be annoyed.


I do not have anything against any kind of quote or the people whose quotes these are or people who use them or hairy armpits. I am just trying to be funny.

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Ain’t Nothing Creative In Here


 Prompt by The Blog Propellant : I got plenty of nut’in and nut’ins plenty for me.

CAUTION: As the tittle suggests, this has absolutely nothing meaningful. Also, it’s completely disoriented. So, Proceed At Your Own Risk! 

Frankly speaking, I have no idea what I should be writing about.

A super-ambitious, easilyexcited, supremely irrational friend of mine believes that I am a good writer, which I don’t know how far is true.Infact, all she ever read was these four lines

My teacher wears a hat

 I don’t like to be in his class

On a completely different note

Can fishes float???

That can easily be considered as a piece of crap but good writing!…If that’s good writing then PitBull deserves the Booker’s Award.

Well, I told you she’s crazy and it was her crazy idea that I should write down something daily to stay in practice, gain high command over the english language, improve my writing skills and one fine day become the most popular/loved writer to have ever walked upon this earth since the pre-cambrian times.

Now, just may be, I could understand semi colon(;) as a punctuation mark or know the difference between a hyphen(-) and a dash(-) but me as the most loved/popular writer is like saying Lalu Prasad Yadav is a self less, kind, non-corrupt person and a non-somrasi- a joke!

I am pretty amazed that you have come so far reading this. You can always switch to another blog, you know.

Soo….what should I write about?

May be something philosophical?

-To be frank my pholosophies are as complicated as a tongue twisters. Infact, mine are head twisters.

May be about our holly/bolly celebrities?

-That’s sexy but not enough gossip might be left afterwards for the newspapers and newschannels to run their business.

How about my college life?

-Well, it’s a million times complicated as my philosophies and boring too.

I could write about my political views?

But people would most certainly prefer Rakhi Sawant’s auto biography over something that has anything to with my political views.

How about I try my hand at poems?                                                                                                    Most definetely, I will write the finest bad poems. C’mon who am I kidding! A 10year old will have a better vocabulary than me.

My last option, I can scribble some tips on how to be a writer…

 -Me giving tips on this is like Tiger Woods giving tips on how to be a loyal husband.

Why can I come with something. May be it’s my destiny to forever dwell in this darkness of utter stupidity. But you, my dear, had a choice. I warned you and suggested it too but you had to waste your time reading this. So curioser! Now that you haven’t found anything to educate or enlighten youself or as a matter of fact, even tickle your funny bone, don’t you think it’s time you moved on to a better informative or amusing blog…

Because seriously dude/dudette AIN’T NOTHING CREATIVE IN HERE….now disappear!!

In My Loving Memory….

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “In Loving Memory.”

In the loving memory of Khadija Begum who died trying to save a baby panda from the clutches of wild.

In need she stood

By every family and friend.

Even when her own farms

Were too young to bear fruits.

One day,

She was touching lives

And making havens.

Now she is probably looking

For a wifi connection in heaven.

Some day,

We all have to unsubscribe.

On 22 march, at 2200 hours, she will be buried along with her Tab at the nearest KFC joint.

By: Her adoring Farmville and Zooville neighbours.

15 Facts That Will Make You Smile

  • Ants are very polite. They acknowledge each other. When they pass by one another, they give a little  nod.
  • Human brain produces as many as 12,000 to 50,000 thoughts per day.(Scientifically speaking,I am  thoughtful!)
  • 2015-01-28_04.19.15
  • In Islamic Law, a prisoner of war can get his/her freedom back by teaching 10 Muslims to read and write.
  • This guy dresses up as batman each day to entertain sick kids.
  • 2015-01-28_21.39.26
  • Male Gentoo and  Adelie penguins “propose” to females by giving them a pebble. ( If you like it, put a ring on it.)
  • Golden Temple in India feeds thousand of people everyday who show up randomly regardless of race, religion and class.
  • What can a smile do, you ask?                                                                             Elevates your mood when you are sad, makes you look prettier, reduces your blood pressure, helps you live longer, even gets you a promotion  and unifies the whole mankind-because we all smile in the same language.
  • Mel Blanc (voice of bugs bunny) was allergic to carrots.(Just checking if you are still paying attention.)
  • This Exists….


  • Band Of Shame! Cops in Thailand are forced to wear a pink Hello Kitty armband if they break any disciplinary rules or procedures on duty.


  • You know whats better than chocolate, get togethers, music and shopping  ? Well scientists know. They say its charity.


  • There is a lot going on that just sucks but as of 28 January, 2015 10:35:08 pm (IST) they are 324,258 childbirths, four people will win the multimillion dollar lotteries, 600 dogs are adopted, 55,000 balloons have been sold, 73% of the world population has donated to various causes, 11 million children in 46 countries are recieving better education, 112,700 organs have been donated. So smile and spread a smile….

……In Four Sentences!

I have a favourite historian (yes, thats true… #immaBgeeky)

Charles A. Beard. And from his work, that which impressed me the most are these four lines.

All the lessons of history in four sentences:

  1. Whom the God would destroy, He first makes them mad with power.
  2. The mills of God grind slowly,but the grind exceedingly small.
  3. The bee fertilizes the flower it robs.
  4. When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.

This seemed fun  and I thought why not give it a try.

Number One:

All about Indian Sports in 4 sentences-

  1. Cricket (Men’s league)
  2. Cricket (just the men’s league)
  3. Cricket (only the men’s league)
  4. Sania Mirza is married to Pakistani batsman Shoeb Malik.

Number Two:

All the Entrance Exams ever in 4 sentences-


  1. Anything extremely irrelevant to practical life and the professional courses.Something like my family’s archaelogy.
  2. QUESTION-Your aunt has 4 kids.
  3. What is your aunt’s son’s  uncle’s 3rd daughter’s nephew to you?
  4. ANSWER-For you to get an admission, the right answer doesnt matter until 5000 other students get it wrong.

Number Three:

All the debates on social media in the comments section ever…in 4 sentences-

  1. Troll A– 2+2=8
  2. Troll B– Whatever and 2+3=8
  3. Troll A– Well, guess what, your mama is..**CENSORED**
  4. Troll B– oh yeah…my God is better thsn your God…..

And so on….



My Mind Has A Mind Of It’s Own



Ghafil hai yeh duniya

Isse malool kya hona

Dubta suraj hai yeh

Isse subeh ki umeed kya rakhna

    Yes. This world right now is very                   disa…dissa…dissappointing..  ( Damn! double ‘s’ or single ‘s’ ?!?! ) ( Well , I will be a spell bee for sure. You see just right here is my problem. Half my brain is crazy and stupid in an embarass….embarasingly…embarrassingly..( Damn you efffiiinnggbig english words)… funny way.. ( embarrasing I say because I am the one people laughing at; the centre of the joke. Oh! Not just the centre but every nook and corner…)

(( What’s with the phrase ” nook and corner”. Don’t thhe two words mean the same.It’s like saying , ” This is the worst crap..” , like as if there is a best crap and even if it was, what’s the difference, it’s still is crap!))

( Umm…whst was I writing about. Oh yeah! My brain. )

So one half is funny and the other half has the constitutional tendency to be depressed. But the worst part is that they are not just conflicted but competeteve….competiteve…competetive too.

As in when part wants to be expressed, the other one will do whatever it can to stop it ; dominate it. So, when I am depressed I find everything around funny and when I try to be funny I get depressed. That’s precisely the reason why I am so senseless all time.

(Why am I thinking all this again? 

How did I end up writing all this?

What had I planned to write about???)

Ah!! The insensitive world.

So, there you go my funny-depressed brain, you successfully managed todistract me.

On a slightly different note, I am starting to consider me having some kind of personality disorder. May be it’s that bipolar thing.I know faintly about it and that is thanks to a South Indian flick. If this is the case then when part is funny, the other one should be really unfunny or when depressed, the other should happy. So, may be not this bipolar disorder.

Could be that multiple personality disorder and again this is thanks to another South Indian flick where the guy developed superman like powers because of this disorder.

That’s actually really cool.I mean it would be very liberating to hop huge buildings, to be able to throw a punch or two, race like a bullet, break walls and who knows…may be even fly…

depressed part intervenes — ” It’s a disease …not kryptonite.”

funny part retaliates–“Sometimes I need something that only you can provide…your ansence”

depressed part–“Fine words. From whom did you steal?”

funny part–“Lonesome gothic.”

depressed part-“Blabbering fool!”

Meanwhile….Me—“I should just sue mt brain.”

depressed and funny part ..together–“No. Just stop watching South Indian flicks.”

          –Khadija Begum